Episode 15: Nealy Fischer

Today, Brooke is joined in-studio by The Flexible Chef – Nealy Fischer. Nealy is a wellness expert, chef and yoga instructor – that’s where the flexible comes in. She is also a mother of four. The family divides their time between Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Israel and sticking to a healthy lifestyle can be challenging for anyone who has to do a lot of traveling. Nealy’s mission is to help people learn to eat well, move more and ultimately, to crave a healthier lifestyle. By being “more chef-like” in their lives, Nealy believes people can be flexible and adaptive while also eating right and keeping fit. Nealy shares tips on traveling, cooking for kids, eating healthy as a family and even packing. Find out more about Nealy’s work at and follow her on Instagram at @bynealy Follow Brooke on social media at @BrookeBurke The show is on social at @NakedMomPod Our music is courtesy of WouldWork Sound The show is edited by Gabe Harder

Episode 14: Jancee Dunn

Today, Brooke talks to best-selling author Jancee Dunn about her book, “How to Not Hate Your Husband After Kids.” Jancee is the author of 5 books and her writing has been featured in “Rolling Stone,” “Vogue,” “O Magazine,” “GQ” and “The New York Times.” Jancee shares her own personal story about realizing after the birth of her child that she and her husband Tom had a lot of issues to deal with that they hadn’t had before. The transition from a conflict-free pre-child relationship to a state of constant squabbling was a jarring wake-up call during what Jancee and her husband felt should be the happiest time in their lives. After talking to her friends, Jancee realized she was not alone. In an effort to get her marriage back on track and protect her daughter from growing up in a house filled with conflict, Jancee set out to find answers. Jancee talked to a wide variety of experts and shares what she learned from them and from talking through the issues with her husband. It’s an amazing, personal and in-depth look at how husbands and wives can communicate better and be happier in their relationships. Listeners will walk away with tangible techniques - some as simple as just saying “thank you,” - they can use to make their lives, parenthoods and marriages happier and more satisfying right away. HEADS UP: There are a couple of swear words in this episode. Find Jancee on social media at @JanceeDunn Brooke is at @BrookeBurke The show at @NakedMomPod The Naked Mom is produced by David Harte and edited by Gabe Harder. Music is courtesy of WouldWork Sound.

Episode 13: Dr. Emily Morse

Let’s talk about Sex! This week, Dr. Emily Morse joins Brooke to give us the sex talk we all need. Brooke and Emily start the conversation at an all-women “sex party” thrown by Brooke’s friend and go for a deep dive from there. How to talk about sex with your partner even when you’re uncomfortable, re-starting you sex life after years of marriage, sex therapy, masturbation, orgasm, sex education, talking to your children about sex and pleasure, sex toys, how to ask for what you want, fantasy vs. reality, pornography, the importance of lube – nothing is out of bounds in this freewheeling, informative, hilarious conversation. Now, go do your Kegels. Dr. Emily hosts the wildly popular podcast “Sex with Emily” and was a long-time co-host on the “Loveline” radio show and has appeared on dozens of TV shows including “The Today Show” and “The Doctors” as well as dozens of publications like “The New York Times,” “Glamour,” and “The Los Angeles Times.” She’s the best-selling author of “Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight. “ Find Emily at and on social media at @SexWithEmily Find Brooke on Twitter and Instagram at @BrookeBurke and the show at @NakedMomPod Our show is produced by David Harte and edited by Gabe Harder. The music is courtesy of WouldWork Sound. Thanks to RXBAR for supporting Naked Mom. Find them at Target stores OR get 25% off your first order at promo code NAKED

Episode 12: Dr. Drew Pinsky

It’s time for sex and drugs and…parenting questions. Dr. Drew, a board-certified physician and one of America’s foremost addiction medicine specialists is here to get into a host of issues surrounding raising kids (and 20-somethings), how to talk to them about drugs and sex, digital safety, college admissions, setting boundaries and other important, under-discussed topics. Brooke illustrates one of the most dangerous, sensitive issues of the digital age with a personal story. Then, Brooke and Dr. Drew get into all the stuff that everyone with kids is forced to confront: Should you lie to your kids whether you did drugs in high school? What kinds of boundaries work with teens? Should you let the kids “party” at home? Is waiting until 21 to drink better or worse than starting younger? How do you know if your child has a drug problem? How did we get into our national problem with opiates? How do people get off of opiates? Is there therapeutic value to Ayahuasca, LSD and other psychedelics for trauma, addiction, death and dying and other issues? How is alcoholism positive? What does ‘al-anon’ mean? How do you talk birth control with your daughter without endorsing her having sex before she’s ready? What issues do young males also face issues in a social and digital landscape that isolates them from their peers and from the practice of dating? What do you do when your kids walk in on you having sex? What are the downsides of sexting? Drew is a practicing MD who also hosts multiple podcasts: “The Dr. Drew Podcast,” “The Adam & Drew Podcast,” “Weekly Infusion” and “This is Life Podcast,” as well as a daily radio show, “Midday Live with Dr. Drew and Mike Catherwood” on 790-KABC in Los Angeles. Find it all at Drew’s Twitter: @drdrew Find Brooke on Instagram and Twitter at @BrookeBurke. Find the show at @NakedMomPod Thanks to Sunbasket for supporting Naked Mom. Go To and get your first three meals free! ACCURACY NOTE: Ariadne’s Thread is from the Theseus story, not Hercules. Our show is edited by Gabe Harder. The music is from WouldWork Sound.

Episode 11: The Return of Tracy McMillan

On this new episode of The Naked Mom, author, TV writer and matchmaker Tracy McMillan (“I Love You But I’m Leaving You Anyway,” “Why You’re Not Married Yet”) joins Brooke to answer your love and relationship questions. This show is a Naked Mom milestone because Tracy is our first repeat guest. We had to do it because she’s just that good. Tracy also shares her personal experiences with having her son grow from teen into college student who’s home visiting for the summer as part of a larger conversation around parenting and letting go of the idea of control. Adjusting to the empty nest is another subject Brooke and Tracy get into before moving on to listener questions. What is co-dependency and how do you differentiate it from being helpful, loving and concerned for another person? How do you forgive someone? How does shifting your perspective change the narrative of your life? Should you have a “list” when you’re looking for a partner? What are the 2 kinds of affairs? How is narcissism different from self-love? We cover all those questions and a lot more. Heads up: There are a couple of “S-bombs” if that sort of thing offends you. Find Brooke on social media at @BrookeBurke. Find Tracy at @TracyMcMillan. The show is @NakedMomPod. Please subscribe and review us on Apple podcasts. It really helps spread the word about the show. Today’s episode of The Naked Mom is brought to you by our friends at Skechers. Find them on Twitter at @SkechersUSA and on the web at

Episode 10: PMS Extravaganza!

You may want to have a glass of wine or a bar of chocolate handy when you listen to today’s episode of The Naked Mom. Brooke welcomes her friends Kristen Brady and Melanie Lekkos to her Santa Monica woman-cave to dive head first into a subject that effects us all – directly or indirectly – one way or another: PMS. How do you know you’re in it? What can you do to help yourself deal with it? How can partners make it better or worse? Why can’t you sleep as well? Why all the bloating? Does caffeine help or hurt? Is drinking more water helpful? What about exercise? Do hormones help? Are there vitamins or supplements or other over the counter remedies that can help? Are SSRIs helpful? All of these questions are covered with compassion and candor. Of course, every woman is different so you need to talk to your doctor before taking anything. But the conversation is important to have and keep having as our bodies change. No woman should have to suffer without support. Melanie is a nurse who brings both her professional and personal perspectives to the subject – including a condition that’s like a next-level version of PMS called PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder). Brooke’s long-time close friend Kristen has a powerfully intense personal experience with PMS that led her to isolate and become depressed. She has done a tremendous amount of independent research on the subject and sought out professional help and friend support to regain control of her moods and physical symptoms. The women share personal experiences – from smashing dishes to lying in the closet, crying - and the entire show is like a private conversation with your closest girlfriends – including some great laughs. Find Kristen on Twitter and Instagram at @SnapAgogo. Melanie is on Facebook as Melanie Lekkos and Instagram at Brooke is on social media as @BrookeBurke. The show is at @NakedMomPod on social. Today’s episode of the Naked Mom is brought to you by Skechers. Thank you, Skechers for all the support. Find them at or on Twitter at @SkechersUSA and Instagram at @Skechers.


It’s time for some seriously personal girl talk on this week’s Naked Mom Podcast. Brooke welcomes two of her best friends from Malibu – Stephanie Rocca and “Ruth” who both share deeply personal stories about their family lives and other issues women deal with every day. Stephanie’s story centers around every parent’s greatest fear – a life-changing health problem her son experienced as he entered the world. Ruth’s story is an intimate, heart-rending but ultimately triumphant journey of infidelity, divorce and reclaiming her life as a single mother and career woman. They also touch on all the life stuff everyone goes through in one way or another and the three friends do what women around the world do – share their experiences, be supportive and work it all out.  

Balancing work and kids, being sports parents, dating after divorce, revenge fantasies and a host of other issues are all in the mix. All throughout, there are moments that remind listeners that they are not alone and that re-affirm the importance of women listening to their friends and helping each other to be strong in the face of adversity.

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Episode 8: Autumn Calabrese

This week, Brooke welcomes celebrity fitness trainer, working mom and best-selling author Autumn Calabrese. Autumn exploded to notoriety with her 21-Day Fix program and has gone on to have her own cooking show called “Fixate” and best-selling cookbook of the same name. Autumn and Brooke cover a lot of territory in this episode, including how she went from an in-demand personal trainer to a successful entrepreneur – and all the struggles on the way. Starting a business, going through a divorce, changing careers and managing single motherhood while working long hours, finding ways to take time for yourself so you have something to give to your family and taking big risks in life are just a few of the areas Autumn delves into with Brooke. Listeners will pick up tips on eating right and getting on and staying on a fitness plan. Autumn and Brooke also share strategies for getting kids to eat right and for working out as a family. Autumn’s new e-book “75 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids” is available at As a special bonus for our listeners, here’s Autumn’s gluten-free bread recipe Find Autumn on social media at @AutumnCalabrese. Find Brooke at @BrookeBurke. The show is @NakedMomPod. This episode of The Naked Mom Podcast is brought to you by Skechers. Find them at The Naked Mom is produced by David Harte and edited by Gabe Harder, The music is by Would Work Sound.

Episode 7: Carnie Wilson

The warm and hilarious Carnie Wilson joins Brooke on this week’s episode to talk all about the giant business undertaking she’s in the process of launching – Love Bites. Carnie’s passion for cooking in general and baking in particular is infectious and has taken her places she never could have predicted. Brooke and Carnie became friends through the shows “Breaking Bread” and “Celebrity Apprentice,” and their warmth shines through in this episode. Hand made, home made and using wholesome ingredients in sensible portions is Carnie’s Love Bites ethic. Carnie’s business is being built in cooperation with a partner who is a close childhood friend so the lifelong relationship is baked into the Love Bites business model. The cooking is in Carnie’s comfort zone but the entrepreneurial aspect is all new for Carnie. Carnie and Brooke also cover the weird character she does on Instagram to sing insane comedy versions 80s songs. And, yes, there is a demonstration. Carnie talks about her family life now and how different it is from the family she grew up in. They cover her reaction to her mother’s divorce from Beach Boys songwriting legend Brian Wilson and how thankful she is for her mother’s strength. Her grandmother was also a personal and culinary inspiration. Both Carnie and her partner’s grandmothers have given them signs that their business is connected to their inner purpose as people. In spite of the fear and anxiety, Carnie is getting to experience deep joy. Carnie also talks openly about the complexity of her feelings in the areas surrounding health and fitness and food. Her candor and humor shine through as she talks about the shining moment she had cooking for The Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten and the unpredictable way it almost became a disaster. She’s also planning on touring with Wilson Phillips soon and bringing a cooler full of cheesecakes to feed to another one of her inspirations – the Pioneer Woman. Carnie also recently brought her baking to her father Brian, which is one of the best ways for them to stay connected. Brooke also talks with Carnie about how to find the physical activity she can enjoy working into her life with her daughters. Find our show on social media at @NakedMomPod. Find Carnie on Instagram at @Carnie68 and on Twitter at @CarnieWilson. Find Brooke at @BrookeBurke everywhere. Please write go on iTunes to review the show – it makes a big difference. Thanks to Sunbasket for supporting Naked Mom. Go and get your first three meals free! The Naked Mom is produced by David Harte and edited by Gabe Harder. Music by Would Work Sound.

Episode 6: The Roxbury Institute

Have you ever wanted to hear from some of the most respected cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills? Brooke continues her look into “Beauty Deconstructed” by getting the perspectives of a uniquely qualified group of professionals at the innovative Roxbury Institute in Beverly Hills, CA. She talks with the Institute’s founder, Dr. David Amron, surgical specialist Dr. Jamie Schwartz and Nurse Practitioner Chelsea Hagopian, about all the ins and outs of cosmetic procedures both surgical and otherwise. They cover the ways people can make the best decisions about what to do - and not to do - when considering cosmetic procedures. Why is it important not to come in to a plastic surgeon with a demand for a specific procedure? How do you find the best practitioner? What is “board certified” and why is it important? With so many options available, from botox to fillers, liposuction, lasers and of course, surgery, decision-making before moving forward is crucial. Dr. Schwartz also talks about his background in reconstructive breast surgery whether it’s a post breast cancer reconstruction or correcting a previous a bad surgical outcome and the importance of finding out each specific patient’s physical and emotional needs. Brooke also shares her own personal experience with a “vampire facial” at the institute. You can find The Roxbury Institute at‏ Find Brooke on social media at @BrookeBurke and find our show at @NakedMomPod This episode of The Naked Mom Podcast is brought to you by Skechers. Find them at Producer: David Harte, Editor: Gabe Harder, Music: Would Work Sound


This week, Brooke talks to her “Glamily” – the Hollywood hair, makeup and wardrobe styling experts that keep her looking great for the cameras. They get into the practical and personal side of creating the Hollywood glamor illusion, but the vibe is more like a casual conversation with friends. First hair stylist, Chris Dylan and wardrobe stylist Isabelle Banham share their personal paths into their careers as celebrity stylists. Isabelle and Chris also give listeners tips and tricks about products and styles to try at home. They also share the behind the scenes reality of 5AM call times, 6 day weeks, living in hotel rooms stuffed with racks of clothing and hair for shows like “Celebrity Apprentice” and “Dancing with the Stars,” or doing high-speed changes in commercial breaks during the live broadcast of, “Miss America.” They also tell you what goes on under the dress – whether it’s spanks, ‘sex tape,’ or nipple covers. They have suggestions like having a “trade party” with your friends and also answer the question, “what should be in your “necessity kit?” Then makeup artist Marylin Lee, head of makeup on “American Idol” and “The Voice” joins Brooke to discuss dos and don’ts of makeup products, brows, eyebrow microblading, eyebrow tattooing, covering age, sun and other discolorations and a host of other topics. Marylin and Brooke also delve into her personal struggle with Milasma and how they dealt with it while keeping her looking good for the cameras. Marylin’s also full of advice like why you should do your eyes before your base, using patches, tea bags, cold spoons and other ways to counter under-eye darkness and swelling, what to keep in your purse, where you can save money and what’s worth spending on or how to clean a hairbrush. Simple, affordable hacks to make your makeup experience better. Find everyone on social: @BrookeBurke @chrisdylanhair @isabellebanham @marylinmakeup @NakedMomPod

Episode 4 - Laila Ali

Brooke welcomes undefeated boxing champion, TV personality, podcaster, author, devoted home chef, wife and powerhouse of a mother Laila Ali to the studio. Laila and Brooke cover a lot of territory including becoming friends on the set of Celebrity Apprentice, the unglamorous side of what goes on backstage at Dancing With the Stars, Laila’s other championship on the cooking competition show Chopped and how they both tackle the most difficult issue mom’s face – making lunch for picky kids. Hopefully she’ll have some tips about that in her upcoming cookbook. They also dig deep in to the multiple roles women have to balance in their lives, especially between striving to achieve at work against the backdrop of being raised to try to keep everyone else happy. Laila also shares some of the profound lessons she’s learned through her career as an athlete and what she did – and didn’t – take from her father Mohammad Ali’s experience. But before all that, Brooke shares a funny but very unglamorous story about her difficult morning taking care of her sick daughter and another dark time in her career that was revealed to be a blessing and a cause for gratitude. Thanks to Sunbasket for supporting Naked Mom. Go To and get your first three meals free! Find Laila on her social feeds at @TheRealLailaAli and her website and listen to her podcast Laila Ali Lifestyle. Find Brooke’s social feeds at @BrookeBurke and the show’s at @NakedMomPod Heads up: There are a couple “s-bombs” in this episode.

Episode 3 - Fitness with Angela Davis

Brooke welcomes Soul Cycle Master Instructor, founder of A.M.D.I.O Method and 5-time All-American and professional sprinter Angela Davis to the studio to talk about their shared passion for fitness and wellness. Angela talks about the connection between spiritual and mental wellness with the physical work in the gym. Change happens from the inside out! That approach makes it obvious why Angela was named to Oprah’s “Supersoul 100” list and was asked to create a 21-day challenge for The mind-body link and connecting that to her purpose in life and bond to family are a big part of the “why” for Angela. This holistic approach is a key reason Angela’s classes have lines out the door and weeks-long waiting lists. Angela’s move into being a trainer started with her own journey through post-partum depression. Finding the people in your life who lift you up. Daring to, love or to be brave and persevere when you think you have nothing left. Making an investment in yourself. All of these are reasons it’s much bigger than just the physical workout. Brooke and Angela also try to help listeners get past their reasons for not working out and making the leap of faith to tap in to their inner purpose. Angela talks about maintaining belief in the dark times and being grateful for those times because they make her who she is and make her able to appreciate the lighter moments. Working out is a powerful medicine. Just start. Embrace the joy of moving your body! After saying goodbye to Angela, Brooke also shares her own personal passion, philosophy and tips for people who want to make health and fitness a part of their lives. She also talks about the deep satisfaction she gets from teaching her own “Booty Burn” class. As a special bonus, Brooke wants to share this “booty burn” workout iTunes playlist. Enjoy! Find Angela on social media at @ShapeWithAngela and her A.M.D.I.O. method at Find Brooke on social media at @BrookeBurke and the show at @NakedMomPod

Episode 2:  Matt Iseman

Brooke welcomes American Ninja Warrior and Home and Family host Matt Iseman to the studio. They discuss their time on Celebrity Apprentice – and how Matt beat Brooke out to become the champion, raising a ton of money in the process for the Arthritis Foundation. They also cover the emotional journey that led Matt to abandon a burgeoning career as a young doctor to pursue his dream of becoming a stand up comedian. Imagine trying to tell your parents that one! Matt and Brooke talk about finding the passion that drives you and the benefits of saying “yes.” They also cover how Matt discovered he had rheumatoid arthritis and how he’s dealt with it and thrived since. And of course – the awesomeness of American Ninja Warrior! Thanks to Audible for supporting our podcast. Get a free audiobook with a free 30 day trial at You can find us on Twitter and Instagram: @MattIseman @BrookeBurke @NakedMomPod *Heads up for people listening with kids; there are two “s-bombs” in this episode.*

Episode 1: Tracy McMillan, Moll Anderson

Best-selling author, TV writer and matchmaker Tracy McMillan joins Brooke for her first podcast episode. Tracy is the author of “Why You’re Not Married…Yet,” “I Love You, But I’m Leaving You Anyway,” and her new novel, “Multiple Listings.” Brooke and Tracy cover Tracy’s journey from her start in TV news to the Huffington Post post that brought her national attention, her 3 marriages, relationship advice, parenting, her own childhood in foster care, her relationship with her career criminal father and reconciliation with her birth mother, being on Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday,” developing the capacity for self-love, shifting your internal perception of your own story and being your authentic self. As a bonus, Brooke’s close friend, best-selling author, designer and TV host Moll Anderson joins the conversation by phone.

Show Teaser:

Here's a quick teaser for The Naked Mom podcast with Brooke Burke-Charvet. We hope you like it! Our show officially premieres Tuesday May, 9th.